Sunday, 10 February 2013

Women dream of being chased, and men about sex

Recent study has revealed that women has much nightmares while the men have dreamed more about sex.From this study scientist from university of Montreal has spent 11years for collecting this data on different night time dreams of both men and women.They found much more that the happiness index for dreaming is as low when we people are between age 20 and 30.
While the new study found from both men and women that dream about sex,but men have a bit unconscious mindset.This survey include more than 56dream themes.including all those who are falling, floating, those being chased, snakes and those loosing their teeth, this was also repoted in Newyork daily news.
As for men sex is the most common dream for them.about 85% of responds by saying that they occasonaly dream about sex.while on the other hand women weren;t far behind with approx 73% of them responding that they dream sex atleast once a while.Women are likely to dream about chased.Now compare 83% and 78% for men.for each men and women dreams are falling and the results
indicate.There always appears to be clear dream between these two sexes..
women are always dream of someone dying or being paralyzed by fear.While men dreamed about flying having magical powers and they are travelling to distant planets.The lowest part of this study is that all we age the range of things we dream about becoming smaller.

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