Sunday, 10 February 2013

Women dream of being chased, and men about sex

Recent study has revealed that women has much nightmares while the men have dreamed more about sex.From this study scientist from university of Montreal has spent 11years for collecting this data on different night time dreams of both men and women.They found much more that the happiness index for dreaming is as low when we people are between age 20 and 30.
While the new study found from both men and women that dream about sex,but men have a bit unconscious mindset.This survey include more than 56dream themes.including all those who are falling, floating, those being chased, snakes and those loosing their teeth, this was also repoted in Newyork daily news.

Latest Smartphone Risks

What is your idea about smartphones.let’s discuss som of the risks and latest improvements that are made in smartphones
In smartphone everybody saves his/her data even online transactions made for purchasing and other purposes.and the logins made on smartphone by loging in on Facebook, youtube, checking mails.all the data can be checked.its a real security risk made on security precautions are made on it.
Big risk is that you may be easily hacked while browsing on internet or purchasing through online, at the airport, in a hotel lobby, or sitting at a table waiting for your date to arrive.
If you've taken the right steps to protect yourself, losing your phone will be just an annoyance. But if you've failed to safeguard your phone with a password, backing up all your data and installing a program that can wipe the phone's data remotely, you are setting yourself up for a seriously traumatic event.

Most popular Anti-Aging Drinks

Aging is inevitable. Sadly. And there are many variables included in how long you live. You add variable choices to extend your life style. Keep your mind razor-sharp and body fine with these 11 anti-aging drinks.
1. Pink Grapefruit Juice for Smoother Skin
Pink Grapefruit juice makes your skin smooth and fresh according to a study published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Bio pharmaceutics. Researchers found that of the 20 individuals studied, those who had higher skin concentrations of lycopene had smoother skin.
2. Alcohol to Ward off Alzheimer's disease
Drinking alcohol--moderately, which is one glass a day for women and two daily for men--may ward off dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As we age, brain cells die, leading to gaps that slow nerve transmission within the brain and between the brain and the rest of the body. Moderate drinking appears to somehow prevent these "potholes." (Scientists aren't sure why.) In excess drinking of Alcohol you may lose your brain cells and cause severe diseases.

Facts about Redheads

As compared with blonde or brunette redheaded goes to dentist—and they may have good reason. The same way that explains their fiery locks also makes redheads resistant to local anesthesia, such as Novocain, explaining their dread of dental procedures, University of Louisville researchers reported in Journal of the American Dental Association.
Higher risk for skin cancer—even if they shun the sun
Fair skin that provides less natural protection from the sun isn’t the only reason redheads are three times more susceptible to skin cancer than people with other hair colors. A new animal study published in Nature shows that the pigment responsible for their distinctive coloring also plays a role in their risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Causes of skin cancer and how it looks like?

Best Technology Terms That You Should Never Say Again

Tune In / Stay Tuned
Today, most of the youngs are not even seen a rabbit ear. So please, I'm begging you. Don’t post or tell the users to Tune in or use live streaming. And for Jobs' seekers don’t misguide them to stay tune.We’ll contact you soon.
When you think that people are going to transfer to google talk for video chating, but for the most part, people have always conducted video chats through standalone applications such as Skype, ooVoo and FaceTime.

Models Are Physically Insecure Women on the Planet

Cameron Russell is the most beautiful women. Last 10 years, she is graced the cover of Vogue, frolicked in a bikini for numerous fashion advertisements, and stomped down the runway for Victoria's Secret. But don't aspect that she has it all.
She recently gave interview at global series TED, on life as a model. She said, “Standing on this stage because I am white woman and in the industry we call that a 'sexy girl.' I’m going to answer some questions that people are asking."