Sunday, 10 February 2013

Facts about Redheads

As compared with blonde or brunette redheaded goes to dentist—and they may have good reason. The same way that explains their fiery locks also makes redheads resistant to local anesthesia, such as Novocain, explaining their dread of dental procedures, University of Louisville researchers reported in Journal of the American Dental Association.
Higher risk for skin cancer—even if they shun the sun
Fair skin that provides less natural protection from the sun isn’t the only reason redheads are three times more susceptible to skin cancer than people with other hair colors. A new animal study published in Nature shows that the pigment responsible for their distinctive coloring also plays a role in their risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Causes of skin cancer and how it looks like?
Higher Risk for Other Diseases
Other disorders that disproportionately affect redheads include:
Parkinson’s disease.  A Harvard study reports that redheads have a nearly 90 percent-increased risk for the progressive neurological disorder that affects balance and coordination. However, another recent study suggests that taking folic acid may be protective.
 Stronger Bones, Immune System
Some biologists believe that the reason there are more redheads in cold, cloudy climes, such as Scotland, is that the pale skin that typically accompanies a fiery mane allows the body to soak more vitamin D. Not only does D help protect against many diseases, but it’s essential for healthy bones—and helps ward off osteoporosis, the brittle-bone disease that leads to fractures.

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