Sunday, 10 February 2013

Best Technology Terms That You Should Never Say Again

Tune In / Stay Tuned
Today, most of the youngs are not even seen a rabbit ear. So please, I'm begging you. Don’t post or tell the users to Tune in or use live streaming. And for Jobs' seekers don’t misguide them to stay tune.We’ll contact you soon.
When you think that people are going to transfer to google talk for video chating, but for the most part, people have always conducted video chats through standalone applications such as Skype, ooVoo and FaceTime.
A camera that is only design for video chatting and it is only used for that purpose.when you goes didn’t work for yoy like a camera.
 Desktop Computer
Recently when I was in school.people didn’t even think of desktop computer.and put it any where they want.but after half the 19th century when desktop computer’s pretty easy for all of us to put any where and you it as a stand as well to put a cup of coffee on it.:D
You wouldn't call your car a mobile air conditioner. You'd never refer to your microwave oven as a digital clock with heating ability or your PC as a Skype box. So why on earth do you still call your pocket computer a "smartphone?"
According to a recent study by UK Carrier O2, typical smartphone users spend 128 minutes a day actively interacting with their devices, but only 12 of those minutes involve voice calls, with the rest of the time split between emailing, text messaging, social networking and consuming on-device content apps. So you need to call that item in your hand a "pocket computer," "a communicator" or something else that reflects its primary purpose.
Desktop Publishing

In the days of yore, magazines and newspapers were laid out on giant lightboxes with glue and exacto knives used to move stories around on the page. Then, in the 1990s, better computers with programs like QuarkXpress and Adobe PageMaker allowed anyone to design printed works with the click of a mouse. This new, computerized form of production was named "desktop publishing" because you could do all the work, right from your desk, without whipping out the wax.
In 2013, however, all layout occurs on computers. There's no more "non-desktop pufblishing" so it's time to call this process simply "publishing."

 Personal Cloud

GE couldn't get away with calling its refrigerators "personal supermarkets" just as Honda could never refer to its minivans as "personal MTA buses." So how can storage vendors such as Iomega and Seagate call their network-attached hard drives "Personal Cloud" devices?

When it comes to Cloud storage and services, the hardware and software aren't the responsibility of the user. Somewhere a team of network engineers is burning the midnight oil to keep the server with your Dropbox account on it running, but as far as you know, it all just works. A hard drive that's plugged in to your router is not a Cloud unto itself; it's a connected storage device.

 Super Phone

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's an HTC Droid DNA! Some people says high term hand sets are basically super phones.
It's difficult to roll out the big superlatives for an entire class of gadgets, based on their specs alone. I'll decide whether your handset is super or not; thank you very much.

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